For Parents

For Parents


Libraries are important places of learning and play.

If you are new to the City of Cornwall or Cornwall Public Library, please read the important information below on and how you can best use our services to improve your child’s learning and experience at your library.

Getting your child a library card

Getting your first library card can be a fun and exciting way to develop skills around responsibility and independence. To get your child’s first library card the parent or guardian will need proper identification with a current address.  Children 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent when obtaining a library card.  A birth certificate can be used as proof of name for a child.

Children who attend school in Cornwall are eligible for a Cornwall Public Library Card even if they don’t reside within city limits.  The parent or guardian must provide proof that they attend school in Cornwall. A school ID or report card can be used as proof of attending school in Cornwall.

Submit your completed library membership form at the Circulation desk.

Ready to Read

To support your child’s journey into the love of reading, please the links designed capture your child’s attention and help them develop important early literacy skills.

Every Child Ready to Read

Let’s Get Ready for Reading (Developed by Toronto Public Library)

Award Winning Titles & Finalists

Parenting Resources

Babies don’t come with a manual.  So we put together a list of books to help you along your parenting journey.

Let’s Get Ready for Reading (Developed by Toronto Public Library)

Community Resources

It takes a village to raise a child.  So that means we are lucky to partner with a number of community organizations to create the best programs possible that support your child’s learning and development.  Please find below, links to the incredible organizations that we partner with to deliver programs and services for you and your family.

Early On

Early On is a partner in Baby Tales and “Apprendre en Jouant”.

Eastern Ontario Health Unit

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is a partner in Triple P, part of our Toddler Adventures Program.

ON y va

On y va is a partner in “La lecture en famille”.

How to use the library

The Youth and Children’s Centre (YAC) is a warm and welcoming place for all members of the community. To keep your child and other children safe, we want you to be aware of some important policies as they relate to your child’s visit to the library.

Code of Conduct

The library’s Code of Conduct establishes the standard of behavior needed by everyone in order to create a positive library environment.

Please read the Code of Conduct.

Unattended Children

We love it when children visit the library. However, we are not able to look after unattended children, and cannot ensure their safety at all times.

Please help us make sure your child’s visit to the library a safe and happy one – do not leave your child alone at the library!

Please read the Unattended Children’s policy.

Computer Use

Computers are a core library service. Children of any age are able to use the computer.

Please read the Computer Use Policy.