STEM Village

What is STEM Village?

STEM Village is a leading-edge online education solution designed to inspire, enable, and guide K-12 students to develop STEM skills and passions. Discover real-world application of STEM skills in fascinating topics like Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Space Exploration, Climate Change, and much more! Parents and caregivers need to set up an account first and then children are able to access the content independently.

Students learn the skills using leading edge web tools, games, and videos and are quizzed on their skill mastery using a user-friendly question engine. Math and science skills are currently mapped to the Ontario grade 5-8 curriculum, with new levels being added continually over time.

To get started, parents will need to create an account and add their children to provide unlimited access to STEM Village. You can find STEM VILLAGE and many more exciting features under our eResources tab or click here for direct access.